The key thematic areas for which we provide services are:

As a part of the efforts to enhance the effective delivery of the global mandate, gender and social development is one of the key thematic areas responsible for designing and implementing gender related projects and programmes. We offer following key services to promote gender equity and equality:

  • Conduct gender analysis of policies and programmes related to developmental issues.
  • Consultancy and Advisory support services on gender related issues and gender sensitive programme management.
  • Gender based budgeting.
  • Development of gender related manuals, curricula, materials and training modules for stakeholders.

Virinchi Development Services is committed to enhance effective and efficient delivery of services for sustainable social development through working on Gender Sensitive Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. We also work for generating relationship with and provide technical support on gender with key stakeholders in Government, Civil Society Organizations, Corporate, National and International Developmental Agencies. We undertake and promote Research and Documentation of Gender-related Socio-Cultural issues to guide development planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at various levels. We also undertake qualitative research on issues related to gender and development in order to assess the impacts of gender sensitive planning by the Government and other Developmental Agencies. We encourage Interns and Students to research in areas related to Gender and Development.

Virinchi Development Services provides technical and managerial expertise to Government, National and International Development Partners on health. We provide expertise in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Adolescent Health, Maternal Newborn and Child Health, Accountability, Gender, Social Inclusion and Equity, to strengthen pro-poor health systems. We offer services to support strengthening of health service delivery to National and International Agencies, Government and Civil Societies. We also work with partners to scope, design and implement a wide range of projects and programmes in context of health. Our health system expertise includes:

  • Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health.
  • Maternal, Child and Newborn Health.
  • Strengthening Community Health Action.
  • Strengthening Service Delivery including Quality of Care.
  • Designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating Sexual and Reproductive Health projects and programmes
  • Increasing access and strengthening systems of accountability between service providers and clients.
  • Advocacy design including development of advocacy tools and materials on health issues.

We work with partners to understand the social contexts that shape poor people’s Reproductive and Sexual Behaviours and, informed by these realities, we support partners to design appropriate and effective behaviour change communication interventions.

Virinchi Development Services works to address the challenges being faced by the development practitioners and policy-makers on how to assist large number of people in the Country to have a meaningful livelihood which not only sustains the rural poor but also ensures that they can live with dignity and can hope for the future. The promotion of livelihoods both in rural and urban context has been one of the prime thrust areas for Government, Donor Agencies, CSOs, Corporate etc. The support to livelihoods of the poor is either given directly through State driven livelihood projects or as an integral component of Central Government programs and missions. We offer following services for livelihood promotion:

  • Designing of livelihood support projects.
  • Feasibility studies of programs and concepts
  • Hand-holding or techno-managerial support in implementation.
  • Impact assessment and profiling of livelihood projects.
  • Training and capacity building of various stakeholders.

We also have expertise to conduct Research and provide consultancy services to Government, Development agencies, Civil Society Organizations and Donors for betterment of their livelihood promotion efforts.

We provide guidance and assistance to our clients in establishing organizational models and processes designed to maintain the alignment between their business needs and service delivery, enhance relationship manageability and optimize service delivery. This includes models and processes that help the client to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the clients and come up with solutions to bridge the gaps.
  • Establish clear roles and responsibility for decision making and service delivery.

We also work for strengthening local self governance in order to address the emerging issues of decentralized governance at the grass root levels through a plethora of divergent activities like training, research, consultancy, policy advice, publications and information services. We build up the capacity of Civil Society Organisations and Professionals to play an active role in local governance and developmental processes.

We offer comprehensive learning solutions for a wide spectrum of audiences ranging from Students in Schools and Colleges to Teachers, Corporate and Development Professionals. We also conduct Management Development Programs, Professional Development Programs and other Short Term Courses related to Management, Gender and Development, Health and other related issues for Students, Professionals and Officials.

We use Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) to enhance both the learning and teaching experience. We seek partnership with the Government, Educational Institutions, Development agencies and Corporate in order to offer them exceptional support in the field of education.